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What is a CV?

In many situations a résumé or C.V. is a short (usually one page) and contains professional or academic experience directly relevant to particular employment or academic studies relating to a position you are applying for. Many résumés contain precise keywords that a potential employer is looking for.

In the past, résumés and CV’s used to be no longer than two pages, as potential employers typically did not devote much time to reading résumé details for each applicant. In  New Zealand it is typical and recommended that your details are kept to two pages.

With increasing numbers of job seekers, employers are using Internet-based jobboards to find and fill employment positions, you need to really keep your résumés/CVs up to date. Review our related links for New Zealand online employment websites.


CV in tough economy

Sure, the last few years have been tough. Employers may still want to hire and review a CV, but they dont want to spend on advertising and the hiring costs. However, main stream media has reported that more jobs are being advertised than ever before. Has the economy really bounced back? or could there be another reason?

- Are jobseekers realy looking for work? or staying with current employers to not risk incomes.

- Are recruiters taking advantage of the windfall of CVs about and advertising more numbers of jobs to increase databases for lean times ahead?


CV Services

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