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So… you’re an exec.

Jobseeking for you can be quite different now.

There can be less opportunity towards the ‘top of the tree’ and it seems that everyone knows each other, even the head hunters seem to know who the big billers and decision makers are.

The thing is, you’ll need to keep being at the top of your game to win interviews and a bad CV will reflect poorly with lower interest levels. In times of tough economy it can mean literally zero results.

Exec’s should think about embracing technology, using LinkedIN, online-CV and utilise professional CV writers to gain an edge.


Executive CV options

There are some rules and prerequisites which predominate most industries:

-        Exec CVs tend to be around three to four pages, you need to come up with some good reasons for a eight to ten page CV these days.

-        Exec CV’s should not be task based.

-        Don’t register with anyone that will take your phone call, that’s just too desperate. A more refined approach is needed.

-        Don’t call your recruiter daily. You won’t have one after a week.

-        References “by request” don’t give away your aces.

-        Be pro-active. Over 50% of jobs do not get advertised.

-        If you are not getting results it may be your CV, your recruiter or you. In all cases, review what action you have taken and then form a new plan. Do not become despondent; to achieve results takes work, attitude and effort.

Executive CV  – Facts about Executive CV

Executive CV should be conscise, not waffle, try to aim for around three – four pages of quality rather than ten pages. Even if you think that you need to showcase every single acheivement since you started your career – you’re sending a strong signal about the type of person you are.

Executive CV can include a photo, or written references – but do think carefully about what your industry wants and expects.

Executive CV, only one is required, there is no need to send two of three variants. This can confuse issues and create questions (adverse).


Executive CV


Executive CV services are normally available from CV writers, we recommend CurriculumVitae.co.nz for Executive CV

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